Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges for Comprehensive Restoration in Port Washington, wI

Image of beautiful smiling woman in the parkTeeth are strong, designed to endure many years of constant use. However, they’re still vulnerable to damage, decay, wear, and trauma. When your smile is in good health, but your teeth need a little help, treatment with a custom crown or bridge could be the answer!

At Brooks Dental Clinic, Crystal A. Brooks, DDS, our dentist, and her team provide beautiful crown and bridge restorations of the highest quality. With our use of reliable treatments and modern techniques, we can help rebuild your smile and protect your oral health. Our team is also here for you when a damaged, old, or worn crown or bridge causes you pain and needs replacing. Contact our Port Washington, WI, dental office today to get started!


What is a Dental Crown?

Image of 3D render of dental crownA dental crown is a restoration designed to repair and protect a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed. A crown works by encasing an entire tooth above the gumline. Doing so preserves its structure and shields the inner nerves and blood vessels from infection and bacteria.

Dr. Brooks and her team proudly offer crowns made from various materials. Composite can mimic the shade, shape, and characteristics of natural teeth. By only using top-notch materials, we can ensure your crown looks, feels, and functions ideally within your smile.

Why Would I Need a Crown?

Crowns are a favorable option because of their versatility. Our team can often combine these restorations with other treatments to address a wide range of dental issues. Dr. Brooks may recommend a crown if you have:

  • A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth too extensive for a filling
  • A tooth with more severe decay
  • A badly worn, misshapen, or small teeth
  • A tooth in need of protection after root canal therapy
  • A single missing tooth with a dental implant
  • A severely discolored tooth
  • A tooth that’s disrupting daily biting or chewing

The Crown Process

Image of woman getting a dental inspectionTypically, two visits are all you need to receive a new crown entirely customized to your smile. Your first appointment includes a discussion with Dr. Brooks about your treatment options. We will also conduct a detailed exam and take a series of digital x-rays.

If a crown is determined to be the ideal solution for your needs, our dentist uses special tools to shape and prepare your tooth for impressions. We send this information to a trusted local lab that can create your custom crown in as little as 10 - 14 days. We’ll place a temporary restoration while waiting for your crown to be crafted and delivered to our office.

Once complete, our team invites you back to our practice to place your new crown. You gain additional peace of mind knowing that your new restoration is crafted with precision and skill. Once placed, Dr. Brooks makes final adjustments to ensure a comfortable and ideal fit. You’ll be able to leave our office speaking and smiling with complete confidence!

What is a Bridge?

Image of 3D render of jaw with dental bridge over white backgroundDental bridges are a low maintenance, yet effective option for replacing one or more missing teeth in a row. A bridge consists of several crowns used to fill in the gap between lost teeth and those remaining. These restorations can either use neighboring teeth on each side of the space or dental implants for lasting support.

At Crystal A. Brooks, DDS, we offer personalized bridges for those missing one to a few teeth in a row. If you’re looking for a reliable and natural-looking restoration for lost teeth, you can rest assured that our bridges can provide what you need.

How Many Teeth Can Bridges Replace?

Typically, bridges are an ideal option for replacing 1-3 missing teeth in a row. Bridges supported by neighboring teeth or dental implants can restore several teeth reliably. Other types of bridges are often used to replace one tooth in the front of the smile.

Replacing Damaged, Old, or Worn Crowns & Bridges

Image of male patient looking at his beautiful smile sitting at the dental officeWhile crowns and bridges are durable, trauma, decay, and other situations can still cause them to become broken, damaged, or worn over time. No matter why your restoration needs replacing, our team can help!

We’ve helped countless individuals and their family members restore and replace crowns or bridges when needed. Our dentist and her team listen to your needs and concerns and carefully evaluate your situation. We walk you through our findings after your exam and inform you if your crown or bridge is better off replaced or restored. You can be confident that you’ll be able to leave our office with a beautiful and functional restoration of the highest quality.

Does My New Crown or Bridge Require Special Care?

Portrait of smiling girl brushing teethSurprisingly, you can care for your new crown or bridge just as you would with a natural tooth! Your restoration is durable, but we recommend you still maintain healthy habits and stay diligent with your oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth twice daily for up to two minutes is essential. Make sure when you floss, you do so between each tooth at least once a day.

Rinsing with mouthwash every morning and night is an effective way to reduce bacteria and remove leftover food debris. Make sure you visit our Port Washington office for professional dental cleanings and exams every six months.

Protect Your Smile with Crowns and Bridges in Port Washington, WI

At Brooks Dental Clinic, we believe in doing all we can to protect your oral health for as long as possible. Our dentist and her team provide top-quality crown and bridge restorations when your smile is affected by trauma, decay, wear, or tooth loss. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today!