Dentures & Partial Dentures

Partial & Complete Dentures for Correcting Tooth Loss in Port Washington, WI

Portrait of mature couple relaxing in outdoor sofaA full and functional smile can significantly influence your dental health and overall quality of life. At Brooks Dental Clinic, we provide beautiful and lifelike partial and complete dentures for restoring smiles affected by missing teeth. Dr. Brooks and her team enjoy helping individuals eat, speak, and smile comfortably with full confidence.

Our Port Washington, WI, dental practice offers denture placement, repairs, and realignment, providing comprehensive treatment for your smile. Whether you’re missing several teeth or many, we’re here to help! Contact us at Brooks Dental Clinic to schedule your denture consultation today!


What are Dentures?

Image of full denture in 3DDentures are typically removable dental prosthetics designed to replace several to all missing teeth in your smile. Dr. Brooks and her team can replace teeth damaged from advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma with dentures. The purpose of treatment is to correct excessive tooth loss, even due to severe circumstances.

What Types of Dentures Do You Offer?

Our team understands the importance of restoring oral health with affordable tooth replacement options. We work with trusted labs that only use beautiful, safe, and durable materials when crafting your custom restoration.

Our available options include:

  • Partial Dentures for replacing multiple teeth missing in a smile
  • Complete Dentures for restoring all teeth missing in the upper or lower arch, or both

If you want to permanently restore an entire arch of missing teeth, we offer implant-supported dentures. To find out if you qualify, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

What are Partial Dentures?

Image of partial denture in 3DPartial dentures are restorations typically recommended for replacing several to multiple missing teeth throughout a smile. Partial dentures consist of artificial teeth, often made of porcelain or ceramic materials, resting on a pink acrylic base designed to mimic natural gum tissue. Your restoration attaches to your natural teeth using metal clasps and the acrylic framework.

Partial dentures mimic your unique smile. Your restoration will accommodate your needs and fit comfortably. Partial dentures are made to replace missing teeth in a way that helps preserve any remaining natural teeth. These restorations can protect dental health, function, and beauty.

What are Complete Dentures?

A complete denture is a solution designed to restore your bite. These dentures consist of a full set of artificial teeth that rest on a pink, gum-colored base. They can replace all teeth lost in the upper or lower arch, or both, completely renewing your smile.

Denture Realignments, Relining, & Repairs 

Image of senior woman looking at her smile in the mirror at dental officeOver time, your gum tissue can change, and the fit of your dentures becomes loose. This movement can increase the risk of your restoration becoming dislodged. Dr. Crystal Brooks provides professional denture realignment, so you can get back to enjoying dental function and security. Our dentist relines your denture to ensure it continues to fit securely and comfortably.

If your denture appliance becomes damaged, broken, or worn, our dentist can help! Whether due to an injury, accidentally dropping them, or many years of use, Dr. Brooks offers denture restoration. This service can include repairing the metal framework and clasps, readjusting the fit, and fixing any defect in the acrylic gum base.

What is The Process of Getting Dentures?

Image of happy male patient in dental officeReceiving dentures is a multi-step process, often including several appointments. We begin treatment with a detailed consultation, discussing your needs, concerns, and goals. Our team uses digital x-rays to obtain precise images of your teeth, gums, jaws, and facial structures. This information allows Dr. Brooks to accurately evaluate your smile and dental health.

When dentures are determined the right option for you, we take impressions and measurements and send them to the lab. These impressions act as the blueprints for creating your custom restoration. We make sure the desired shape, shade, and fit of your denture are documented before requesting fabrication.

At your final appointment, Dr. Brook places and adjusts your dentures precisely. This helps her ensure your new restoration provides a comfortable fit.

7 Benefits You Can Expect with Dentures

Dentures can provide many advantages for those with missing teeth. Below are seven of the most common benefits dentures can offer.

  1. Enhancement of your appearance and self-confidence
  2. Stabilization of remaining teeth
  3. Support of facial muscles
  4. Improved speech
  5. Comfortable eating and chewing
  6. Optimal function
  7. Easy cleaning and care

Complete Your Smile Today!

Dr. Crystal A. Brooks and her dedicated team offer comprehensive denture placement, realignment, and repairs. Each partial and complete denture we provide is designed to renew your smile no matter your current oral health situation or treatment needs. Brooks Dental Clinic proudly serves those living and working in Port Washington, Saukville, and Grafton, WI. Contact our dental office to schedule your denture consultation today!